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A Specialized OEM/ODM manufacturing company

JEC VAPE is also an one-stop OEM & ODM product manufacturing company with high quality, leading developing and professional consultancy. We serve from small to large quantity. To gain your trust, we set up a very high product quality standard and build a comprehensive quality inspection management system, from material warehousing, to quality inspection when manufacturing, to quality control of semi-finished product and to quality assurance of finished product because we know only good management can win confidence in our products.



This is particularly important if, as the importer, you want to your own style that is different from what is already on the market. The advice in this article is especially suitable for pod system and disposable products.

Working with an OEM supplier

To find a good OEM supplier, the first step is usually to look for a manufacturer that already makes products similar to those you need. Here is why:

  * They know the assembly process

  * They already have a supply chain (where to buy the materials & components)

  * They already know the main risks to watch out for, as well as the testing procedures

  * There is an alternative option that many people overlook: using a CM (Contract Manufacturer). This is an especially good idea if assembling your product does not require very specialized processes.

A professional CM can bring the following benefits:

  * We do not focus on production only, not on distribution; there is less risk of having a CM sell to your competitors or to your customers (but that is a real risk with an OEM)

  * The relationship is easier to manage, since they focus on production only

  * You might be able to negotiate for transparency of sub-suppliers, which means you can’t be held hostage very easily

Working with an ODM supplier

Selecting an ODM manufacturer is rather straight forward. You simply need to look for suppliers that have already made products that you can buy and sell on your market.

In most cases, the buyer will request changes. There is often a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) constraint based on the cost of processing those changes, and that MOQ can generally be negotiated.

Here are a few examples of changes:

  * Place the customer’s logo on the product

  * Change a material’s color

  * Change the material type, for example replacing PU by real leather

Making some other changes is usually impossible:

  * Different dimensions (especially when a mold is involved)

  * Different features or performance — for example, making a closed pod without leaking!

  * Tell us the model and quantity you need; Get Latest Quotation

  * Confirm order details; Reach Trading Intention; Order PI will be sent

  * Arrange payment; We will deliver the goods within 24 hours after payment received

Any questions, please contact your Sales Representatives or email us viainfo@jecvape.com

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