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APPG Wants Your Opinions

Publish: 2021-05-21 11:39:08 Update: 2022-07-06 16:16:20 View: 2624
Following its hard work at fact finding to inform the UK delegation to the World Health Organization’s Conference of Parties later this year, the cross-party All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Vaping is now after your opinions and experiences about vaping to help steer the United Kingdom to a smokefree 2030.

The sterling work the APPG did in preparation for COP9 concluded: “The UK is a world leader in this field and must fully embrace this position. Whereas in previous years the UK delegation to the FCTC COP has been obligated to adhere to the consensus view within the European Union, post-Brexit it is able not only to forge its own path in terms of domestic legislation on vaping and reduced- risk products, but also to take its place on the world stage as a leader in pragmatic and effective health regulation.”

John Dunne, Director General of the UK Vaping Industry Association applauded the report: “It’s about time that the vaping industry stood up against the World Health Organization and the APPG on Vaping has done a great job of doing so, challenging the organisation to change its approach to harm reduction and calling upon Government to consider a reduction in funding if they continue in the same vein by taking a prohibitionist stance. It was also good to see that the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control treaty was called into question by parliamentarians, who want it to better reflect UK’s national interest.

The APPG has now turned its attention to home matters and needs your help.

This APPG inquiry will consider the opportunities the UK's exit from the EU presents for devising new UK legislation for vaping products and other reduced risk nicotine delivery systems post-Brexit,” says the group of MPs.

The intention is to propose regulatory divergence from the EU to ensure that UK legislation aligns with the Government’s position on tobacco harm reduction, improves public health, and strengthens the UK’s standing as the world’s most progressive nation on tobacco harm reduction.

“Given that the Department of Health and Social Care has announced its intention to release a new Tobacco Control Plan for England in 2021, the work of this inquiry will provide valuable Parliamentary input into a process traditionally run by the civil service.

“It is our hope that Parliament can effectively channel the voice of the community to ensure the next Tobacco Control Plan will accelerate the UK’s push towards smoke-free 2030.

“Our aim is for a smoke-free UK by 2030. To do this, we need a wide body of evidence from members of the public who have stopped smoking by using vapes or other reduced risk nicotine delivery systems.”

The APPG wants to see submissions from anyone who would like to give evidence including:

  • Members of Parliament
  • Charities
  • Members of the Public (vapers, their friends and families)
  • Think Tanks
  • Primary Healthcare Providers
  • Industry Bodies
  • Journalists
  • Academics

You can submit your opinions about vaping in the comment box on the website or by uploading a Word document (1).


  1. Submit to the APPG for Vaping - https://beyondtpd.co.uk/submit-1
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