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While there are plenty of people who indulge in vaping as a pleasant pastime, most of us started on our vaping journey in an attempt to quit smoking. With so many types of vapes to choose from, narrowing it down can be a bit tough. Chances are, all you really need (and want) is something that gives a satisfying nic hit, feels the same as a drag on a cigarette and doesn’t take up much space in your pocket. One option you really can’t go wrong with that’ll tick all those boxes is a disposable vape kit.


What is a disposable vape?

It’s all in the name really - it’s a small, single use disposable vape kit that comes pre-filled with e-liquid. They have a non-rechargeable battery that’ll gradually drain and once the pod runs out of e-liquid (or the battery has totally drained) you chuck it away and grab a fresh one. There are two vaping styles - mouth to lung and direct to lung. Disposable kits are mouth to lung, coming with a high resistance coil and give you that same sensation you’d get from a conventional cigarette. They typically come pre-filled with nic salt e-liquids which will give you a strong hit, a smoother inhale and are faster acting than conventional freebase nicotine e-liquids.

While you might only want to use these for a few weeks (or months) before trying a refillable pod vape, they offer a simple step into vaping that’ll make the “smoker to vaper” transition that much smoother. Their brilliance is in their simplicity - you don’t need to refill them, charge them or change the pod at all. Instead, all you need to do is keep it on you and use it instead of lighting up a cigarette.


Who should be using a disposable vape?

We recommend disposable vapes mostly to brand new vapers. Like we mentioned, they take away any fuss that an open, refillable kit would offer. One of the biggest complaints for smokers was that vaping seems more complicated than just lighting up a cigarette. Between topping up your e-liquid levels, changing coils, charging the battery and trying to get the right nicotine strength - we can see what they mean. Disposable vapes take all that hassle away. They don’t require any upkeep meaning when you’re making that quit attempt, that’s all you need to focus on.

Equally, if you’ve already been vaping a while but like having something small to take on the go for the sake of an evening out - they’re a great option for you too. We know a lot of people struggle most to stay away from cigarettes when they’re out and about with other smokers or when they’re having a drink at the pub. Having a disposable kit on you that’ll quickly alleviate that nicotine itch can also be great for you as well.


How are they different from the original disposable vape options?

If you tried vaping way back in the day and found it didn’t work for you, there’s a few reasons those older kits might not have offered a satisfying experience. The original cig-a-likes were super small, usually the same size and shape as a conventional cigarette, but they just weren’t enough for most smokers. Their batteries were small, the vapour was weak, the nicotine wasn’t strong enough and they were generally a little bit lacking. The range of flavours was also super limited, generally speaking only offering you a menthol, a tobacco and a few fruit options.

These days, with so many years of research and development, single use vape kits have come a very long way. With improved battery life, they’ll comfortably last even a heavy vaper a whole day (giving you around the same number of puffs as a 20 pack of cigarettes would). They also have much better coils inside them, giving you a better flavour payoff but also that solid amount of vapour to replicate the sensation of smoking. The e-liquid itself also had a facelift and aside from coming in a huge range of flavours, also comes in a much higher strength to alleviate cravings even faster. Salt nics are more often than not the usual e-liquid of choice for disposable vape kits, which are absorbed by your body more rapidly and can also be vaped at a higher strength without ending up tasting (or feeling) too harsh to inhale.

They’ve become so popular amongst newer vapers, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to these punchy and easy to use kits. So we recommend Eoeo disposable kits for you.

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